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Web カラオケ API

カラオケAPI なるものを発見

IE 13〜14 に実装されそうな独自規格の予感が…

Presenting the new Karaoke Web Standard... - YouTube

// Initialize the Karaoke object and pass the song to play 
var song = setKaraoke( "Call Me Maybe");

// Initialize the Singer object 
var singer = setSinger();

// Set the Singer experience level and seconds before killing the mic 
singer.setLevel( 1, "n00b", 120 );

// Buffer the song to prevent lag 
song.openBuffer( 120 );

// Set the volume 
song.setVolume( 30 );

// Display subtitles to screen to assist singer 
song.subtitles( true );

// Begin karaoke session;